The Wow Factor!

Testimonies for The Wow Factor!



 “The GRANDtable started with a presentation by Kimber Leigh. It was the best presentation I have heard at an Eliance meeting in four years! Because Kimber spoke from her heart, she was completely AUTHENTIC!”  
 Somers H. White FIMC CPAE  

“Kimber is one of the most inspiring presenters that has shared with us at the New Thought Center of Hawaii. She is captivating, energetic and amazing. What a bright light!”

 Nikki Spencer, Founder The New Thought Center, Hawaii


“Mahalo Kimber for your essence, one of best service/presenters in a while!”

 Brian Nakasone, Musician, New Thought Center, Hawaii


“Great presentation on WOW! You should have gotten more than 20 minutes!!!” 

Paul Valach, Entrepreneur 

‘If your office or group wants a speaker who will charm you while surrounding you with practical WOW ideas on creating a self image that makes you more productive, more confident, and more centered, you definitely want to book Kimber for her WOW FACTOR talk. You’ll be thrilled that you did.

 Gary Witt, Marketing Phycologist

 “Clear and well spoken. Embodiment of WOW!” 
Glen Mire, Mire Images Photography

“What helped me most about The Wow Factor, was learning to trust in the Universe, to give you what you need, and putting emphasis on relationships. Simply being available and of service has led to some of my opportunities.”

 Anna Salstrom, Film Director


“Kimber is inspirational, cuts through the nonsense, and gives you a clear perspective on where you need to be on your life’s journey. Kimber guides you in laymen’s terms.”

 Gene Labat, Entrepreneur


“Was thrilled to have Kimber Leigh present her “Wow Factor” speech at The 101 Referral Network Spring Vendor Fair. We all learned that how you look, how you speak, your feelings, and your energy are some of the components that make up the “Wow Factor” that are created when you get out of bed in the morning. This is how you appear to others and sets the impression you give when you meet people. Your ‘Wow’ can impact your ability to grow your business, sell your products, and to the overall success of your career. Thank you Kimber for presenting and enlightening everyone at our event with your speech.” 

Bryan Newman, President The 101 Referral Network


“Years before, someone hit the nail on the head with telling Kimber Leigh that she has The Wow Factor. I was witnessing and benefiting from ‘it’ because as my friend, she let her light shine before me and has taught me so much. Don’t let anymore time pass without benefiting from The Wow Factor” she brings out in you.”

Katrina Ryan Actress, Model, Spokesperson, Producer, President of SunCast Entertainment


“I recently had the opportunity to hear Kimber Leigh’s WOW presentation and the crowd was riveted to her every word. Because I work in video production for conferences, I have heard hundreds of presentations and Kimber was on the mark, engaging her audience, and delivering a message that all should hear.” 

Steve Wargo, Video Production SpecialistSWAT HD, Productions

“I am forever grateful for you and The Wow Factor. Though I miss my son every day, my heart does not feel as heavy. My thoughts seem a bit clearer and I am always looking for an open door. I do feel that I am here to inspire others.” 

Mary M. Hilderbrand, Flight Attendant

“How do you create that special ‘WOW’? You don’t have to be rich, beautiful, OR young. All you need to do is TAP into this particular formula so that YOU can project your’ WOW’ onto others.”
Kimber Leigh, Founder of The Wow Factor!