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We were chosen out of 450 book cover designs that were entered into the ALLAUTHOR site. 
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I know that there are bigger world problems in these days of today, however, this book carries the message of hope, overcoming and formulas for success as an individual, as well as working together as a whole in society. 
To have your vote will encourage others to keep moving forward in love, and to keep the dreams of succeeding alive. 

Greta Gar Bitch Book Synopsis

Greta Gar~BITCH is the true story of a young girl growing up in a family with extreme dysfunction. Enduring daily physical and emotional abuse that was fueled by alcohol, sex, and drugs. The severity of abuse caused two of the four youngest children to commit suicide as their only way out six months apart from the other. In another six months, the mother committed suicide by ingesting a gallon of vodka a day, with a variety of prescription meds. When the mother’s body could no longer keep up with this cycle of drinking and drugging, her death left this family in their darkest hours.

At the tender age of seven, Kimber Leigh listened to the stories told to her by her grandfather, about the famed Hollywood actress from the 1930s, Greta Garbo. Kimber’s grandfather said, “You are going to be just like her when you grow up." When Kimber shared his words with her mother, her mother’s reply was, “Sweetheart, you will never be anything but a BITCH... a Greta GarBITCH!”

Kimber’s life was left in turmoil after years of suffering physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother and others.

This book reveals what turned Kimber’s life around, so she was able to lead a life of miracles, peace, love, and forgiveness. These experiences taught Kimber how to understand the real ‘game of life’ leading her to find true love, all the while witnessing endless miracles along her life’s long journey.

Great Gar~BITCH will explain how YOU can live a miraculous life. People will witness your growth and say, WOW!

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